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The area around the Visulite is full of convenient parking options.

1) Directly next to the Visulite we have dedicated FREE parking Daily from 6pm-12am and ALL DAY Saturday & SUNDAY.

2) Across the street (Augusta St) from the Visulite there is a FREE public parking (Augusta St. Lot.)

3) Up the block from the Visulite there are a string of banks with large parking lots and nobody using them nights and weekends. (Just don't tell them I sent you.)

4) If you prefer covered parking, there are two enclosed parking structures (New Street and Johnson Street Garages) three blocks from the Visulite. Check out the parking map below.



What is the Visulite Cinema?
What type of movies do you show at the Visulite?
Ok fine, you have great movies and a great experience. But what about your ticket prices? They must be astronomically high.
Can I purchase my tickets online?
Can I buy my concessions online?
Hmm. That does sound cool. But to be honest, I really would enjoy an adult beverage with my movie. Do you offer beer and wine?
Where should I park?
Can I rent the theater for a private event, screening or party?
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