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Bruce Springsteen On Broadway Tickets

  The past 24 hours are a whole whirlwind for Springsteen fans: figuring out exactly what "standby access" intended Tuesday night, searching with Wednesday afternoon, yelling through the sky-scraping secondary market costs, and today, rejoicing the Boss is going to be playing in the Walter Kerr Theatre through ancient 2018.

Just about 35,000 chairs were to be available Wednesday morning for "Springsteen around Broadway," for its 40 displays more than eight months, but thousands more registered through Ticketmaster's fresh Verified Fan ticket-buying strategy -- the only means to obtain these tickets at face value ($75-$850) -- together with expectation of getting an access code which could unlock tickets to be purchased Wednesday morning.

However, Tuesday night a massive chunk of individuals who enrolled received emails such as the one above, clarified they had been put on "standby access," meaning they would just get a code following the 10 a.m. ticket sale, leaving little opportunity of scoring a ticket.

Within our newsroom a dozen or so workers enrolled and all without one were shipped these "standby" emails.

Springsteen's official site has declared that Bruce will be doing five shows a week during November 26th.

In the event that you were fortunate enough to score tickets, what do you expect from that "Springsteen on Broadway" functionality?

First off, it is not likely to be a concert that is straight. It is predicted to become a solo operation that entails both spoken word and audio more than two hours in the Walter Kerr Theatre. Each display is going to be exactly the same.

The Walter Kerr Theatre on 48th Street in Manhattan will sponsor the most romantic set of Bruce Springsteen reveals in years. Here Is What to know:

If you have tickets to Springsteen -- even at the balcony -- you will have a fairly fantastic view.

Like we mentioned, Springsteen is proven to expand tours. There's not any show booked in the Walter Kerr Theatre later "Springsteen on Broadway." Is it likely the venue is leaving some space available in the event The Boss would like to go a bit longer? We do not understand, all we are saying is there is a opportunity.