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My Fair Lady Tickets & Broadway Reviews

  The lavish and thrilling Lincoln Center Theater revival of Lerner and Loewe's "My Fair Lady" that started Thursday in the Vivian Beaumont Theater shows Eliza Doolittle as a hero rather than a puppet -- also shows the musical, despite its provenance and man authorship, within an ur-text of this #Me-Too moment. Really, that second has made" My Fair Lady," that had its Broadway premiere in 1956, better than it was.

It was always great, obviously, among those glistening artifacts and loveliest scores of this Golden Age of American musical theatre -- a canon currently being contested, with trigger, for its unenlightened sexual politics.

However for all the wrangling over misuse and objectification in "Carousel," "Kiss Me, Kate" along with other mid-century names, "My Fair Lady" is an entirely different creature, a satire of course and gender privilege as opposed to a harrowing play or light-weight about these. In averting those events, "My Fair Lady" always appeared egalitarian enough, but maybe too trendy and elegant for the own good: a great musical, not a good one. Save More at the Authentic NYC Tickets Broker: book my fair lady broadway tickets online with no hidden fees.

This sets "My Fair Lady" off at a brand new direction. The question immediately becomes not whether Eliza will triumph -- naturally she will -- however if Higgins can take her achievement. Can he join her inside, or escape the way?

This freedom is on full display in this generally deluxe Lincoln Center Theater production. It has become almost unremarkable -- till you look elsewhere on Broadway -- which the firm has sprung up for 29 musicians to perform with the first, unimprovable orchestrations by Robert Russell Bennett and Phil Lang. Mercifully, the superb work of the audio manager, Ted Sperling, is maintained in Marc Salzberg's understated and obviously balanced audio style.

What is Lincoln Center Theater? Among the greatest and most notable non-profit theatres in town, LCT has three advanced venues at Lincoln Center, also sometimes produces displays in the theater district appropriate. On rare occasions the cuisine is contentious, but as a matter of course, it is the best-regarded theatrical producing business from town.