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Hamilton NYC Event Dates & Schedule

  Few musicals have revolutionized the musical theatre scene very like Hamilton has. Because its 2015 Broadway introduction, Hamilton has grown into among the most critically acclaimed, commercially successful productions of time. As the most discussed production of Broadway, Hamilton is unquestionably a musical that each theater lover and amusement enthusiast should watch at least once. Hamilton is playing in the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York, where crowds have the thrill and the miracle of the critically acclaimed production night. Come see what all the buzz is all about and catch your tickets to a Broadway production of Hamilton before it is too late.

Hamilton is a hip musical which informs the narrative of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. The production is the brainchild of Broadway celebrity Lin-Manuel Miranda, who composed the book, the songs, as well as the lyrics to the production. Manuel was motivated to change Hamilton's narrative to a musical after studying the Alexander Hamilton biography by Ron Chernow while on holiday. The production surfaced off-Broadway at 2015, in which it sold out night after night. The critical reception for the series helped propel it to Broadway shortly afterwards, where it premiered in August 2015 in the Richard Rodgers Theater. The recent Broadway cast features a number of cinema's greatest talents, such as Javier Munoz, Brandon Victor Dixon, Lexi Lawson and Mandy Gonzalez.

Hamilton has received considerable critical acclaim because of its first hip hop numbers, such as "My Shot," "You Will Be Back," and "Alexander Hamilton." Even the soundtrack for the musical has taken home a Grammy Award, and music fans all around the world have listened to this soundtrack on repeat even when they've yet to find the production in individual. At this time you have the opportunity to hear a few of the best hip hop musical figures ever conducted live in New York, in which Hamilton still reigns as the hottest series on Broadway. The achievement of Hamilton on Broadway has ignited variations of the production in Chicago and around the West End, but there's not any greater location to see Hamilton compared to the location where it started -- Broadway. Your opportunity to see a Broadway production of Hamilton is right around the corner, since there are over a hundred shows scheduled in the not too distant future in the Richard Rodgers Theater. Tickets to Hamilton are in high need, however, so make sure you catch your Hamilton tickets before the opportunity passes you.

Currently playing in the Richard Rodgers Theatre, Hamilton doesn't have a final date at this moment. Tickets sell out fast, so be certain that you purchase them as soon as you can. More dates and cities are expected to be inserted from the 2018-2019 excursion period.

How much can Hamilton tickets cost?
Regular tickets cost on the secondary market may fluctuate widely based on the place, day of week, year, and other aspects. Tickets may be had as low as just a few hundred bucks to get a few displays, and upwards of $500 for many others.