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  Hello, Dolly! - Shubert Theatre, New York, NY - Tickets.              The key of Dolly Levi's victory is shown on Top of both Hello, Dolly! 's unstoppable title tune. The amount is generally remembered as a paean to the celebrity, sung with the loving waiters of this ritzy Harmonia Gardens Restaurant because she descends a staircase in victory along with a bright red dress. Nonetheless, it starts, tellingly, with Dolly singing to them: "Hi, Harry / Well, hello, Louie..." It has been years since her last trip, but she recalls them all and greets them by name. No wonder they adore her.

Why Can I View "Hello, Dolly!" ?
Quite simply, Bette Midler. As The New Yorker says, nearly echoing our own ideas, "Bette Midler brings her best to "Hello, Dolly!" . With considerable charm and brilliant acting abilities, she plays the part of Dolly to perfection, superbly capturing the personality's defiance, grief and humor. Seeing her function is well worth the cost of admission. Besides the riveting performances from the rest of the cast, vibrant costumes, luminous collection pieces and lush musical figures all keep the magic of their first production intact.

Tells the story of a vocal matchmaker and widow, Dolly Levi. Matters take a turn for Dolly when she places her own sights on a guy - a dry- goods merchant, also referred to as the "half-a-millionaire", Horace Vandergelder. To seal the bargain, nevertheless, Dolly has to sabotage the game she's already set into place for Horace using Irene Molloy. In other matters of company, Dolly also wants to convince Horace to allow his besotted daughter, Ermengarde, wed the prospects-challenged artist, Ambrose. Learn what happens in the Shubert Theatre!

Q: Can I buy tickets using the TKTS program, rather than waiting in line at the TKTS booths?
The only way to buy tickets would be in person at one of those four booth places. At this time, there are "Hello, Dolly!" Tickets aren't accessible through TKTS.

Q: Is the show appropriate for the 5-year older? Is suggested for kids 10 and up. Kids under the age of 5 won't be allowed to the theater.

Q: Why is your ticket cost for kids different than the adult cost?
A: No, kids demand a full-priced ticket too.

Q: Are there devices for your hard-of-hearing?
A: Yes, they're available at no charge in the lobby.

Q: What time should I arrive at the theater? We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to curtain.

Q: Could I take photographs of the display?
A: Absolutely NO recording devices are permitted in the theatre, including still cameras.

Q: Are there any concession stands within the theater? Soft drinks, water, cocktails, candy and reveal product can be found. No outside food is allowed into the theater.

Q: Why is there a risk that I'll acquire partial view seating when I buy "Hello, Dolly!" Discount tickets?

A: When reserving using Headout, you'll be able to select your particular seats, so, ensuring that you don't get trapped with partial opinion. But if you choose to attempt to win lottery tickets, your seats will be allocated at the discretion of the box office, which may potentially mean tight view seats or divide chairs.

Hello Dolly!
There are scores of online tools to buy Broadway tickets. Actually, the vast majority of theatre bookings are made through the net. Quite often, specific theaters join with ticketing sites like Telecharge and Ticketmaster. But, in those cases, tickets are usually offered at routine, box office rates.

For those seeking to reserve discounted Broadway tickets on line, third party sellers like TodayTix, SeatGeek and Headout will be your very best option. These sites have direct connections with ticket suppliers and, consequently, have the ability to give guests exclusive bargains and offers.

Compared with one another, Headout provides some noteworthy benefits not provided by another discount ticket seller. Besides TicketMaster and Telecharge, Headout is your only other third- party vendor which lets you choose certain seats.

Broadway overall rush and student rush tickets are offered on a first-come, first-served foundation when performances aren't sold out and therefore are subject to some other limitations depending on the supplier. Nowadays, there aren't any rush tickets available for "Hello, Dolly!" .